'Securing Scotland's Health'

This year's conference theme is "Securing Scotland's Health". By the time of the conference the public health review will be published or be near publication, and the public health community will have spent a  significant amount of time over the year reflecting on our roles.

By choosing Securing Scotland’s Health as our theme we wanted to highlight the importance of investing in the public health excellence, infrastructure and interventions that are essential to the future resilience and sustainability of our nation, our communities, our environment and our workforce.

The Faculty of Public Health Scottish Conference enables colleagues from all aspects of public health to make connections with each other, to gain inspiration and share experience. The emphasis from plenary and small group sessions will be on development and working together, to engage, celebrate, provoke, enthuse and galvanize us into action to address the challenges ahead.

As the political and professional landscape of public health is changing through health and social care integration, the Smith Commission and the public health review, this is an ideal opportunity to highlight the key roles of public health and take some time to think though how to proceed together and play our role in securing the nation's health.

We were keen to use the feedback from previous conferences and to provide the opportunity to gather the best of public health thinking, research and practice under broad themes. We hope the conference will also provide opportunities for new ways of learning from each other.

We have tried to balance what we hope is an inclusive approach with guidance as to how the themes align with public health topics. We are also keen to ensure that mental health receives significant attention and look forward to receiving submissions in every category.

Ellie Hothersall and Alison McCallum
Co-Chairs of the Conference Planning Committee