Making Scotland a Healthier Place

We have opted for a simple title for this year’s conference which captures the aspiration of public health colleagues across Scotland. Although health in Scotland has improved markedly over the last century, stubborn health inequalities persist. Efforts to improve public health and reduce health inequalities are currently set against a backdrop of recession, referendum and reforms to the welfare system.

This year’s programme and speakers reflect the breadth of public health. Conference themes include inequalities, the determinants of health, climate and sustainability, Commonwealth Games, child health, environment, transport and infrastructure, reform and renewal, and wellbeing. As well as hearing from the new Faculty President and our CMO, we will hear keynote presentations from world-class speakers on some of these

This year we will be asking delegates to identify some public health priorities, by asking questions such as what single piece of legislation do you feel would make the biggest difference to public health in Scotland, and what should our priorities be going into the future? We will hold an interactive session using digi-voting to reach consensus on some of these issues, which will be shared more widely after the conference.
We hope that this year’s conference appeals to a wide audience, reflecting the breadth of the discipline that is public health. We look forward to this opportunity for delegates to meet, to learn, to debate, and to reach consensus on some of the top public health issues.

Hazel Henderson and Linda de Caestecker
Co-Chairs of the Conference Planning Committee