2017 Conference Presentations

Use this link to view the interviews taken at the 2017 conference from speakers, chairs and exhibitors: https://www.video3media.co.uk/conference-event-interviews/fph-2017-interviews/ 

Plenary 1: Ministerial Address

Plenary 2: Chief Medical Officer’s Address

Plenary 3: Shifting boundaries of responsibility and contested judgement...

Plenary 4: Social Enterprise, a new way to tackle inequalities

Plenary 5: Public health and climate change: head in the sand or live in the sand?

Plenary 6: Pharmaceuticals in our water: Linking environmental and human health

Plenary 7: Address from John Gairdner Prize winner

Plenary 8: Transcending Boundaries to Improve Public Health

Parallel sessions day one session A


A1 Reducing Inequalities – Health protection

  1. HIV testing in the community – responding to the Glasgow outbreak (year 2) - Lee Middleton, Glasgow Alcohol and Drug Recovery Service
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A2 Vulnerable people 

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  2. Co-ordinating palliative and end-of-life care at home: A collaborative approach to knowledge brokering - Emma Riches, NHS Health Scotland
  3. Building the offer of free, impartial energy advice into person-centred care to support vulnerable patients to heat their homes affordably - Jacqueline Mackenzie, Home Energy Scotland
  4. Loneliness and Social Isolation: what is the Scope for Public Health Action? - Phil Mackie, Scot PHN

A3 Multi-agency prevention – smoking 1

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A4 Boundaries in public health practice: Children and Young People

  1. Engaging young people in community based participatory public health research - Megan Watson, NHS Lothian
  2. Working in partnership to create a whole school approach to promote mental wellbeing in Largs Academy using Wellness Recovery Action Plan® (WRAP®) - Nicola Tomkinson, NHS Ayrshire and Arran
  3. Once for Scotland: cool2talk; providing a safe space for young people - Felicity Snowsill, NHS Dumfries & Galloway
  4. A collaborative approach to supporting young people’s health and wellbeing in a digital era - Laura Gibson, NHS Tayside

A5 Reducing Inequalities – Physical Activity and Sport 

  1. An evaluation of a physical activity and peer support intervention for people experiencing homelessness: Street Fit Scotland - Stephen Malden, Scottish Collaboration for PublicHealth Research and Policy, University of Edinburgh
  2. Vitamin D and Performance Sport… athlete health and wellbeing with wider implication on a sun-starved Scotland - Niall Elliott, Scottish Institute of Sport
  3. Gamification of physical activity as a method of addressing health and social inequalities – Findings from 18 UK interventions - Marc Harris, Intelligent Health

A6 Building Public Health Capacity 

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  2. Driving forward a new public health leadership development agenda in Scotland - Susan Webb, North of Scotland Public Health Network, Scottish Directors of Public Health
  3. Exploring how barriers and facilitators to getting knowledge into action change over time - Garth Reid, NHS Health Scotland
  4. The Public Health Evidence Network (PHEN) - Garth Reid, NHS Health Scotland

A7 - ASH Scotland

ASH Scotland

A8 Latebreaker – Healthcare and Public Health 

  1. The health and healthcare impact of Syrian refugees in NHS Highland - Catherine Flanigan, NHS Highland
  2. Modernising Primary Care in Aberdeen City: A Baseline Evaluation - Kasengele Kalonde, NHS Grampian
  3. Paddling upstream to prevent harm from pharmaceuticals - Sharon Pfleger, NHS Highland
  4. NHS Borders: Staff Smear Amnesty Clinics Pilot Project – Reducing barriers to access and empowering staff to engage in the programme – Interim Report (6 months) - Julieann Brennan, NHS Borders


Parallel sessions day one session B

B1 Multi-agency Prevention – Alcohol 

  1. Empowering the Licensing Forum: alcohol licensing’s impact on Aberdeen City – a qualitative study - Rohan Mongru, NHS Grampian
  2. Alcohol-related deaths in Highland – why look at the data? - Carolyn Hunter-Rowe, Highland Alcohol and Drug Partnership
  3. Older People and alcohol a Highland peer education project – tell it as it is - Elisabeth Smart, NHS Highland
  4. Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland: How will we evaluate its impact? - Neil Craig, NHS Health Scotland

B2 Health protection 1 

  1. A focus on partnership working during a measles outbreak in Edinburgh - Peter Harrison, NHS Lothian
  2. Hepatitis B knowledge and awareness among university students in North-East Scotland: A mixed methods study - Emma W Davies, NHS Grampian
  3. Assessing the Uptake of Hepatitis C Virus Testing & Treatment in Injecting Drug Users in Lothian Using Data Linkage to Laboratory Data and Construction of Piot-Fransen Model - Peter Harrison, NHS Lothian
  4. Trends in invasive group A streptococcal morbidity and mortality in Scotland - Arlene Reynolds, Health Protection Scotland

B3 Sustainability & Climate Change 

  1. Climate Change Adaptation Actions: Co-Benefits and Dis-benefits for Health – A Systematic Review of the Literature - Emily Stevenson, ScotPHN/SMaSH
  2. Increasing environmental sustainability in the health sector: the case for reducing scope 3 Greenhouse Gas emissions - Joanna Teuton, NHS Heath Scotland/SMaSH
  3. Weathering Change: community resilience in the face of climate change - Gregor Yates, Glasgow Centre for Population Health
  4. What a difference a season makes; the impact of circulating flu strains on hospitalisations - Jennifer Bishop, Health Protection Scotland

B4 Risk across the lifecourse 

  1. Comparing two measures of multimorbidity in hospitalised patients in NHS Grampian - Lynn Robertson, University of Aberdeen
  2. The contribution of risk factors to socioeconomic inequalities in multimorbidity across the lifecourse: A longitudinal analysis of the West of Scotland Twenty07 cohort - Kathryn Skivington, University of Glasgow
  3. Prevalence of multiple risks to health among Scottish adults – results from the Scottish Health Survey - Joanne McLean, ScotCen
  4. Social influences on health-related behaviour clustering during mid-adulthood in two British birth cohort studies - Claire Mawditt, University College London

B5 Reducing Inequalities in Children & Families 

  1. Tackling Poverty: A multi agency partnership giving single parents with lived experience a voice - Jackie Erdman, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  2. The Healthy Start Scheme – Vitamins: Who needs them? - Sabina McDonald, NHS Lothian Health Promotion Service
  3. Reducing health inequalities by addressing barriers to healthy eating for families living in areas of deprivation with Make, Move, Munch Clubs - Katherine Hale, British Heart Foundation
  4. Parental and household influences on variation in children’s diet quality - Michail Bitzios, HERU, University of Aberdeen

B6 Building partnerships and relationships: Co-production 

  1. Developing an agenda for health promotion, community empowerment and holistic problem-solving using the World Game: a pilot study - Damien Williams, University of St Andrews
  2. Co-producing Public Health: a joint Voluntary Health Scotland (VHS) and Scottish Public Health Network (ScotPHN) case study - Claire Stevens, Voluntary Heath Scotland/ ScotPHN
  3. Public Health Knowledge and Skills Framework (2016) – Opportunities and Implications for Public Health Workforce Development in Scotland - Fiona Macdonald, NHS Health Scotland
  4. “It all comes down to relationships” – illustrating asset-based approaches in health and care services - Jennifer McLean, Glasgow Centre for Population Health

B7 Health and Place 

  1. The health impacts of 50,000 new affordable homes in Scotland - Margaret Douglas, SHIIAN
  2. Place Standard process evaluation: learning from case studies in year one - Megan MacPherson, NHS Health Scotland
  3. Health impacts of the M74 urban motorway extension - Fiona Crawford, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
  4. A remote, rural and island health proofing checklist - Pip Farman, North of Scotland Public Health Network (NoSPHN)

B8 Latebreaker – Inequalities & Wellbeing 

  1. Reducing health inequalities through NHS procurement - Debbie Nelson, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
  2. -
  3. An exploration of the relationship between health and social capital among population groups in Glasgow - Kathy Owens, Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership (NHS)
  4. Identifying Public Health Advocacy Priorities for Scotland –evidence-based decision making using a Delphi approach - Josie Murray, NHS Lothian

Parallel sessions day one session C

C1 Action Learning and Research 

  1. Community-led research to build evidence for policy and practice - Jacqueline McDowell, NHS Health Scotland
  2. The Right to Health- participatory action research into practice - Emma Kennedy, NHS Health Scotland
  3. -
  4. Informing investment to reduce health inequalities (III) – learning from engagement with local decision makers - Andrew Pulford, NHS Health Scotland

C2 Building partnerships and relationships: New Opportunities 

  1. Moray community health & wellbeing vintage tea parties - Ann Griffin, Health and Social Care Moray
  2. Young carers’ health, wellbeing and future prospects - Oonagh Robison, Glasgow Centre for Population Health
  3. A change of focus: Evaluation of Highland Persistent Offenders Project - Carolyn Hunter-Rowe, Highland Alcohol and Drug Partnership
  4. Sowing the seeds of health: a new approach to health in agriculture - Andrea Gilmartin, NHS Grampian

C3 Health protection II

  1. -
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  3. -

C4 Realistic Public Health 

  1. Pandemic Influenza Severity Assessment – applying the WHO PISA framework to Scotland- Arlene Reynolds, Health Protection Scotland
  2. Prevalence of Lyme Disease in the Western Isles - Isabell MacInnes, NHS Western Isles
  3. Evaluation of a pilot of Dried Blood Spot Testing in Community Pharmacy in Grampian- Fiona Aitken, NHS Grampian
  4. Preventing major trauma in Scotland – Is it possible to bridge the gap between injury and prevention? - Lesley Nish, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde / ScotPHN

C5 Reducing Health Inequalities 

  1. Experiences of poverty-based stigma and discrimination in Scotland - Greig Inglis, Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy
  2. -
  3. Building communities where black and minority ethnic people have equal and fair access to health and wellbeing - Jackie Erdman, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  4. Embedding health promotion into practice: supporting staff to promote health – a pilot - Megan Watson, NHS Lothian

C6 Health Intelligence 

  1. -
  2. Spanning boundaries by co-designing actionable intelligence - Hester Ward, National Services Scotland
  3. -
  4. Building health profiles and evidence for action in Glasgow - Bruce Whyte, Glasgow Centre for Population Health

C7 Latebreaker – Children & Families 

  1. Hearing Children’s Voices: The Catalyst for Family Recovery - Deborah Stewart, Highland Alcohol & Drugs Partnership
  2. A targeted approach to reduce health inequalities through the use of Specialist Children's Services Neighbourhood Profiles - Rachel Harris, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  3. Do adverse childhood experiences negatively affect sexual health outcomes, sexual risk-taking and wider health outcomes? A study of attendees at sexual health services in Greater Glasgow and Clyde - Rosie Ilett, The MOOD Project / Glasgow Caledonian University
  4. Intelligence in youth and health behaviours in middle age, with adjustment for childhood and adult SES - Christina Wraw, NHS National Services Scotland

C8 Latebreaker – Disease Prevention 

  1. Game of Stones: Recruitment of obese men from across the socio-economic spectrum into a text-message based weight management study - Matthew McDonald, University of Stirling
  2. Qualitative study of men’s experiences of having an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) identified by screening - Whitney Vogel, University of Aberdeen
  3. Weight inclusive approaches to weight management: a service evaluation - Fiona Clarke, NHS Highland
  4. Tobacco control policy in Scotland: A qualitative study of expert views on successes, challenges and future actions - Yvonne Laird, University of Edinburgh

Parallel sessions day one session D

D1 Multi-agency prevention – smoking II 

  1. Implementing a NHS Smokefree Policy – Why don't people comply? - Karen Mather, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
  2. -
  3. Developing a harm-reduction approach to protect disadvantaged children from second-hand smoke: A pilot study with parents and practitioners - Colin Lumsdaine, NHS Lothian
  4. Inequalities in smoking in 16-24 year olds - Hanna Delaney, Scottish Centre for Social Research

D2 Realistic Public Health – Primary and Community

  1. Sign-posting and referral approaches to community based activities – A Nurse's perspective - Shamini Omnes, Aberdeen city Health and Social Care Partnership
  2. From Turmoil to Treatment: the role of the community pharmacy - John Campbell, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
  3. A multi-disciplinary approach to patient safety in primary care - Emma O'Keefe, NHS Fife and South East Scotland

D3 Mental Health 

  1. An overview of the use of virtual reality in promoting mental health – where are we now and where might we go? - Shaun Jerdan, University of the Highlands and Islands / NHS Highland
  2. Supporting staff in mental health services to improve physical health outcomes in service users, using ‘needs assessment’ as an enabler - Lynne Rush, CSO/MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit
  3. Building Mutual Aid for Recovery Sharon Holloway, Highland Alcohol & Drugs Partnership Cross sectoral partnership working to improve suicide prevention - Rosemary Millar, NHS Tayside
  4. Leading change for Public Mental Health – achieving parity! - Kirsty Licence, NSS Public Health and Intelligence

D4 Leading Change – North of Scotland 

  1. Grampian Branching Out project focussing the needs of people with severe and enduring mental health conditions - Imran Arain, NHS Grampian
  2. Increased uptake in AAA screening associated with the transference and consolidation of screening locations from community to hospital -Margaret Taylor, NHS Tayside
  3. Orkney's Cervical Screening Campaign - Hannah Casey, NHS Orkney
  4. Public health – new models of working in the north of Scotland - Maggie Watts, North of Scotland Public Health Network (NoSPHN)
  5. Applying continuous improvement methodology to help support delivery of Public Health Priorities in Orkney - Carolyn Chalmers, NHS Orkney

D5 Reducing Inequalities – School Age Children 

  1. Building Stronger Children: A health needs assessment of vulnerable children in Grampian - Emily Stevenson, NHS Grampian
  2. Hitting the right note for child and adolescent mental and emotional wellbeing: a formative qualitative evaluation of Sistema Scotland’s “Big Noise” orchestral programme - Christopher Harkins, Glasgow Centre for Population Health
  3. A Change for the Better? An evaluation of the refocused School Nurse role and supporting the health of school aged children - Deborah Wason, NHS Health Scotland
  4. Early intervention and prevention in schools: killing three birds with one stone – teaching 'Stress Control' to pupils, parents and teachers - Jim White, Stress Control Ltd

D6 Global / International health 

  1. Investigation of a cluster of cases of acute flaccid paralysis associated with Enterovirus D68 infection (EVD68) in children in South East Scotland, 2016 - Catriona Waugh, NHS Lothian
  2. Can public health specialists in Scotland help improve health in rural Ghana? - Laurence Gruer, University of Edinburgh
  3. Key themes from a study of Polish suicides in Lothian and Scotland 2012- 2016- recommendations for policy and practice - Rachel King, NHS Lothian
  4. Enhancing self management for black Africans living with sight loss - Gozie Joe Adigwe, Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Scotland

D7 Early Years 

  1. CHANGE (Childcare and Nurture, Glasgow East): co-producing a new and innovative model of childcare provision - Val McNeice, Glasgow Centre for Population Health
  2. A collaborative approach to achieving the best start in life: Dumfries and Galloway’s Preconception Health Toolkit - Laura Gibson, NHS Dumfries & Galloway
  3. bumps2bairns: The right help at the right time from conception to school - James McTaggart, The Highland Council
  4. How has child growth around adiposity rebound altered in Scotland since 1990 and what are the risk factors for weight gain using the Growing Up in Scotland birth cohort 1? - Larry Doi, University of Edinburgh
  5. Using behaviour change theories and techniques to optimise on-the-ground delivery of public health interventions: the example of the Childsmile nursery tooth brushing programme - Jennifer Eaves, NHS Fife and University of Glasgow

D8 Latebreaker – Health Protection 

  1. Clinical efficacy and cost-effectiveness of Rotavirus vaccines: A Systematic Review of Randomised Controlled Trials and Economic Evaluations - Sanjeev Kumar Pugazhendhi, University of Aberdeen
  2. An outbreak of Invasive Group A Streptococcal infection in a care home for the elderly in Scotland: Lessons and challenges - Emmanuel Okpo, NHS Grampian
  3. Epidemiology of non-O157 shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli in Grampian, 2014-2017 - Zareen Thorlu-Bangura, University of Aberdeen
  4. Managing a protracted scabies outbreak in a residential care facility for adults with ‘special needs’ in Grampian, Northeast Scotland: Challenges and Lesson learned - Emmanuel Okpo, NHS Grampian