2018 Conference


What is happening?

2018 is a pivotal moment in the development of public health in Scotland with public health reform ongoing. The Faculty of Public Health is holding its annual conference on November 1 & 2 in the Scottish Borders.

What’s the plan?

This year the conference will be thinking about what health as a fundamental right of every human being means in Scotland today. We want to explore how values expressed from commercial, political, media, professional and other sources influence how we view and define success with respect to improving health.

To do this we need to hear the voices of people of all backgrounds. We are keen to widen participation beyond the specialist public health community. We want to learn from patients, carers and community members, academics, creative thinkers and advocates as well as public health colleagues.

So how can I help?

Bring your expertise and experiences to bear on how to advocate for the right to health, how to respond to ethical issues that affect the public’s health, and options for balancing the perceived tension between the rights of individuals with those of the wider population.

Contribute to creating a programme that ensures that we have the evidence, skills and people around us to help us think more deeply about how to address those things that influence our health, such as power, food, housing, income and education, being listened to and supported to achieve our potential.

Provide examples that show us how to be confident about upholding our people’s rights and our public health values with compassion; illustrate the tools and conditions that enable us to do our best for people and communities.

Help us analyse how well our system is doing in realising people’s right to health, in ensuring that people get what matters for them, and in minimising the risk that people and populations are excluded by design or neglect. Explore what we need to change to and why.

Why should I join in?

This conference will provide a space for people to think together about public health as a way of improving everybody’s rights to enjoy the best attainable health for all. Join in the debate to shape public health in Scotland as it develops in this time of change.

Dr Lorna Watson, NHS Fife & Professor Alison McCallum, NHS Lothian

[1] http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs323/en/



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