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Humanity faces health challenges on a scale not previously encountered in the modern era and trans-disciplinary working will be increasingly required to develop resilient and sustainable solutions. Scotland is not impervious to the threats posed by global climate change, peak oil, air and water pollution, global economic crises, new and emerging diseases, artificial intelligence and automation, and rising inequalities and exclusion but new technologies, social communications and change offer opportunities to advance health.

Spanning boundaries is what good public health practice is about. People working in public health have always had to transcend boundaries to practice effectively. Our approach to this is becoming increasingly important and we need to be seen to be leading change.

Boundaries are a defining characteristic of the moment. Everywhere, boundaries are being radically challenged, debated and redrawn, for example the boundaries between: further economic progress and ecological crisis; the old politics and the new; nation states and the relationships between them; old health system organisations and new; geographical and organisational boundaries; diseases and their transmission, different disciplines and sectors; communications; definitions of healthy and unhealthy; governments and citizens; partnerships and relationships.

Boundaries can be helpful. They codify accountability, clarify rights and responsibilities, and help us to manage complexity. Boundaries can be real or imagined, divisive and inclusive, an obstacle or a strength for cooperation and cohesion. This conference will offer delegates the space to reflect on the breadth of challenges we face, the opportunities we must maximise, the boundaries we must span and our collective strategies to transcend them.

At the conference sponsors will have the opportunity to engage with public health professionals currently working across Scotland and the UK and with professional public health leaders, from the Faculty of Public Health, Scottish NHS Health Boards and national public health organisations.

Pip Farman & Chris Littlejohn
Co-Chairs of the Faculty of Public Health Committee 2017


2017 Conference Information

The next annual conference will be held on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd November 2017 at the Macdonald Aviemore Resort.


Important Dates:

  • Abstract and Latebreaker Results have been released.
  • Delegate Registrations are open.
  • Exhibition & Sponsorship opportunities are still available.

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