Faculty of Public Health Conference

"Strong Voices: Pragmatic Public Health"

We would like to welcome you to Dunblane, earlier than usual in the year although by only one week, to this year’s conference “Strong Voices: Pragmatic Public Health”.   

Earlier in 2016 the much awaited public health review “2015 Review of Public Health in Scotland: Strengthening the Function and Re-focusing Action for a Healthier Scotland” was published and by the time of the conference the public health community will have spent a significant amount of time reflecting on some clear themes that emerged: the need for greater visibility and a clearer identity for the public health function; strengthened leadership; effective response to large-scale challenges through coordinated national and local perspectives; effective partnership working; focus on identified priorities; the changing nature of the workforce; strengthened multi-disciplinary public health.

The conference aims to bring together the ideas that have emerged to create a strong current of opinion that mobilises and invigorates the individual and collective efforts and action to improve the health of the public. We live and die through the stories we tell and “do better; improve; or strengthen” must not let perfection be the enemy of pragmatism.  Let’s learn from each other’s successes and experiences and build on the strong foundation the public health function already has.

Emilia Crighton and Carol Davidson

Co-Chairs of the Conference Steering Group

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